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Who We Are:

Momentum is a group that connects women in the first half of their career, whose professional success is strongly correlated with business development and corporate and philanthropic networking. We foster an environment of support, collaboration and encouragement while we continue to develop ourselves within our careers.

Momentum Events
What We Do:

Momentum hosts six events per year that focus on networking, professional development and building strong relationships. Members can connect with one another and share experiences, while developing our careers.

What We Hope To Acheive:

Our goal is to create a strong, tight-knit and dynamic community of women who can rely on each other both personally and professionally. We will expand and strengthen our personal networks and support one another with business development opportunities. Through carefully planned events, managed growth and thoughtful membership development, Momentum will provide a unique opportunity for women in Milwaukee to become their best professional selves. 

Momentum Events



Michelle Ebben

Michael Best & Friedrich, LLP



Vice President & Secretary


Jill Boyle






Nicole Coffey

Bank Mutual



Director of Membership


Ali Stewart

Northwestern Mutual



Director of Marketing


Leah Grunewald

RitzHolman CPAs



Director of Events & Planning


Katie Stahre

Wells Fargo

Immediate Past President


Sasha Nelson

Wells Fargo



"Young Professional Women's Group Formed"*

Biztimes.com article posted on October 9, 2014


"Gaining Power and Influence at Work" with guest speak Susan Marshall

Community partnership workshop with Fuel Milwaukee



* Please note that changes have been made since the publication of this article to Momentum and our organizational structure.

Our story:

Momentum Milwaukee was formed as the result of a group of dynamic professional women working hard to fill a gap they discovered within the Milwaukee professional women's market. The group's beginning, however, came from a simple idea- getting together for lunch.


In late 2013, Sasha Korobova relocated to Milwaukee for her career. She didn't know anyone in the city and had to build her community from scratch. Luckily, professional networking was highly encouraged by her work as a commercial lender, and she attended the events of several local professional organizations. She had met a handful of people whose careers, goals and business development objectives were similar to hers. However, none of the events she attended provided a more focused opportunity to meet professional women who were in the first half of their careers and whose professional roles were highly correlated with business development via networking.


One day, while having lunch with one of the women she had met at a networking event, Sasha noticed how similar this woman's role was to that of her friend. Both women were working with similar clients, but one focused on financial goals and the other on legal concerns. Sasha suggested that the three of them have lunch and the idea of a get-together quickly grew. Sasha reached out to a few other women she had met through networking- a few brought a friend- and on April 29, 2014, 16 women gathered at Bavette in the Third Ward. The energy and the excitement in the room were palpable. While several women had already known each other, few had had the opportunity to regularly meet with other professional women in similar roles to continue building their relationships.


After the first meeting, many expressed an interest in getting involved, and a board was quickly formed. Momentum has continued putting on events every other month for professional women to develop relationships, referral sources, friendships, and robust networks in the city of Milwaukee. While the group has evolved and grown, the mission of creating a tight-knit, focused group of women who discuss relevant professional and personal issues while developing careers and honing business development skills has not changed. As the group continues to grow and evolve. Momentum will endeavor to help women in Milwaukee to create a new professional community. 

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